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Mini Cooper 2020 review: SE

FWD, ash Leather, 3. Source: Edmunds.

mini cooper s in mondo motors

Odometer is miles below market average! Recent Arrival! Magnum 4. Use for comparison purposes only. Your mileage will vary depending on how you drive and maintain your vehicle, driving conditions and other factors. Unlike some competitors, the fuel-efficient four-cylinder engine is available on all Malibu trims, not just the entry-level model.

Source: KBB. It has a dynamic design, addictive driving experience, and an interior that immerses you into something that is definitely more than just a car. New forthere's a Sport Appearance Package for the SE, which has sport cloth seats, a leather-wrapped steering wheel and shift knob, and an available rear spoiler. Every drop of fuel is effectively used in the Focus with its 2. Twin independent variable camshaft timing adds extra precision, contributing to fuel efficiency or power output.

The electric power-assisted steering contributes to fuel efficiency as well. Plus, Active Grille Shutters help Focus make itself even more aerodynamic and fuel-efficient.

On select models, luxury comes in the form of leather-trimmed seats, dual-zone electronic automatic temperature control, ambient lighting, and 2 Interior Style Packages that feature two-tone leather-trimmed seats, matching door-trim inserts, coordinated steering wheel trim and more. The new Focus ST is geared to get you to your destination quickly. Mash the aluminum accelerator pedal and you'll be treated to the rollicking performance of its hp, 2. An overboost feature can sustain increased torque from to rpm for 15 seconds at a time enhancing its performance feel.

Source: The Manufacturer Summary. MINI Cooper fans looking to move up to a slightly larger, more serious car will also feel at home in the 1 Series. Black Leather, 17" x 7. In terms of all-around quality and refinement, the Accord registers off the chart. Add vehicles to compare. You can compare up to 3 vehicles at a time. Available Inventory. Vehicle Filters. Search Inventory Submit. Clear All Filter.

2012 Mini Cooper / Cooper S / John Cooper Works Roadster

View Results. Body Color.CNN By replacing the gasoline engine and transmission with batteries and electric motors, Mini has created the most all-around enjoyable Mini Cooper yet.

Unfortunately, by packing it all into the smallest version of the car in the automaker's lineup, it also made it impractical for a whole lot of people who might otherwise love the idea of an all-electric Mini. The new electric Mini Cooper is a blast. More Videos Driving the new all-electric Mini Cooper. This is Volkswagen's first electric SUV. Ride along in the latest Ferrari convertible. Nissan gives a glimpse of its first Z car in more than a decade.

This new electric car has over 1, horsepower. See Maserati's first supercar in over a decade. Jeep is reviving a classic. See the new Grand Wagoneer. See Ram's hp pickup that's taking on the Ford Raptor.

Check out Lyriq, the first fully-electric Cadillac. You can't drive this new Lamborghini supercar down your street. Bugatti made a car for kids that costs more than yours. Ford unveils new line of iconic Broncos. The Stingray marks a new era of Corvettes.

Ford unveils first full hybrid pickup truck. Of course, Minis are designed to constantly remind you, the driver, that you are in a very small car. The dashboard is high and the windows are narrow, leaving you looking out at the world as if you're in a miniature tank. For contrast, look at -- or rather, out of -- the even smaller Fiat and get a panoramic view of the road ahead. Minis are fun to drive, though, and I usually enjoy them for a couple of days before that hemmed in feeling starts to wear on me.

I credit a lot of that to the lack of engine noise. The Mini's optional 3- and 4-cylinder turbocharged engines have a decent sound to them, but being freed from an engine's roar altogether does a lot to make the car seem somehow roomier and more comfortable.

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It's certainly a nicer place to be for the long haul.A convertible version was introduced inwith the second generation following in The new model built by BMW is technically unrelated to the former. The first new generation Mini Hatch was introduced in latebeing the first model launched under the Mini marque after the original Mini was discontinued in the same year.

In some European markets, the Mini One was powered by a 1. There are numerous styling and badging differences between the models, including the Cooper S having a distinctive scoop cut into the bonnet. The Cooper S also has twin exhausts which exit under the centre of the rear valance.

The non-S Cooper has more chrome parts than the Mini One and has a single exhaust. The Mini One D has no visible exhaust pipes at all.

During this development phase, there was continual contention between the two design groups, especially concerning the positioning of the car; Rover wanted a straight economy car which would also replace the Rover Serieswhich had evolved from the Metro in a restylewhilst BMW supported a small, sporting car. Plans for an all-new supermini to replace the Metro in the mid s were shelved when Rover was sold to BMW in Januarywith the existing Metro model gaining a restyle and a new designation.

However, the American chief designer, Frank Stephenson, realised that the model did not have an exhaust pipe. The first generation of the new Mini received a facelift in July for the upcoming model year. This was also when the new convertible was introduced; it was never available with the pre-facelift design. Aside from minor design changes mostly up front and improved equipment, the Rover R65 manual gearbox was replaced with a Getrag five-speed.

The car complied with Japanese Government dimension regulations and the introduction of the Mini coincided with several vehicles in Japan that exhibited a retro look that Japanese car companies were offering. The names Cooper and Cooper S are the names used for the sportier version of the classic Mini, which in turn come from the involvement of John Cooper and the Cooper Car Company.

A race-prepared version, with rear-wheel drive, called the Mini Cooper S3, competed in the Belcar championship from Hand-finished by Bertone in Italy, it was offered as a limited-production run of cars during the model yearwith of those originally intended for the UK market, although ultimately, were sold. Mechanically, it has a less restrictive intercoolerrecalibrated engine management, high-volume injector nozzlesand a freer-flowing exhaust system. All models used a transversely-mounted 4-cylinder engine driving the front wheels.

All 4 wheels are pushed to the corners of the body to improve handling. The styling of the car, like that of the Volkswagen New Beetleis a retro design that is deliberately reminiscent of the original Mini.

The retro styling retains other classic Mini touches such as contrasting roof colours, optional bonnet stripesoptional rally lights, and black trim around the wheel arches and rocker panels that mimic the wide wheel flares found on many classic Minis.

2020 Mini Cooper S long-term review: Farewell!

All Minis had a drive by wire electronic throttle, anti-lock brake electronic brakeforce distributionand BMW Cornering Brake Control. Key Production Associates from affected areas in the assembly process at Plant Oxford were seconded to IDG for the duration of the build to ensure a smooth integration of the new model back in Oxford. An economical version called the First was added in The second generation was again offered in Japan at Japanese BMW locations 24 Februaryand it continued to be in compliance with Japanese Government dimension regulations which supported sales of both the hatchback and the convertible.

The second generation Convertible was unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show [25] and the Geneva Motor Show [26] as a model-year vehicle first available for sale on 28 March [27].

The model has a device, marketed as the "Openometer", which records the number of minutes the vehicle has operated with its roof retracted. Though the Mk II has a familiar look, every panel on the new car was changed from the previous model.

Mini Cooper & Mini Cooper S factory engines

New safety requirements resulted in the overall length increasing by 60 millimetres 2. The headlights themselves are now fixed to the front quarter panels rather than being integrated with the bonnet, so that they are not raised up with it when the bonnet opens. The car has a restyled grille and larger rear light clusters.Of all the hundreds of models available on the Australian market, we reckon the Mini Cooper hatch might be best suited as an all-electric car.

It gets adaptive and automatic LED headlights. For the money, Mini includes inch wheelsadaptive and automatic LED headlights, rain-sensing wipers, electronically adjustable and heated side mirrors, multi-function leather steering wheel, heated front sports seats, leather interior, carbon-fibre dashboard accents, dual-zone climate control, and keyless entry and start.

One of the big differences with the Cooper SE though, is the all-digital instrumentation, which shows off how much juice is left in the tank and the how hard the electric motor is pushing. Driving range, speed, temperature and traffic sign information is also front and centre for the driver, while a head-up display also shows other information such as route guidance.

Like most EVs available on the market today, the high price is justified with the electric drivetrain rather than anything standout on the spec list. The modern Mini has always been about style. The Cooper SE even comes with a bonnet scoop to mirror its Cooper S counterpart, but keen-eyed car spotters should be able to pick out the unique badging and closed off front grille of the former.

The same interior layout features, including the familiar dashboard layout centred on a large light-up ring. A unique yellow-accented dashboard insert is fitted. Embedded in the circle is the 8. Differences in the Cooper SE? A unique yellow-accented dashboard insert is fitted, while the seats are swathed in leather and Alcantara with a cross-stitch design, as well as the aforementioned digital instrumentation.

Measuring mm long, mm wide and mm tall the Cooper SE is actually slightly shorter and higher than its Cooper S counterpart. However, both share the same width and mm wheelbase, meaning interior practicality carries over — both the good and the bad.

There is ample room up front for drivers and passengers to get comfortable. However, the front door pockets are small and shallow, rendering them all but useless for anything more than slim and small objects. The rear seats, as expected of a diminutive three-door light hatchback, are cramped, at best, for our six-foot-tall cm frame. The rear seats, as expected of a diminutive three-door light hatchback, are cramped, at best.

Head- and leg-room is especially lacking, but shoulder-room is surprisingly comfortable. The boot will swallow litres with the seats up, and expand to L with the second-row folded down, which actually matches the Cooper S for rear-end volume. The boot will swallow litres with the seats up.

The boot expands to L with the second-row folded down. Those that need to regular transport more than one passenger, or large items, might have to look elsewhere.See all 4 photos. During our 20,plus-mile, month run with the recently departed Cooper S, editors offered up all manner of opinions about the second-generation, slightly bigger Mini.

There was much love for how the Cooper S handled at the track and over smooth stretches of twisty mountain road, yet much disdain for an around-town drive that loosened fillings and jolted spines over even minor road imperfections.

Some pined for a manual transmission, while others warmed quickly to the six-speed automatic with paddle shifters and a sport mode designed to hold the revs longer.

Just about everyone launched a few broadsides in the direction of the Mini's cabin, which, much like that of the previous car, proved a borderline ergonomic disaster. New for the model year, the second-gen Mini's 1. And while many wished for a manual gearbox, in the end we found the six-speed auto perfectly competent and adequate fun. Mini and road trip don't exactly go together like cake and ice cream, but our car scooted on two extended jaunts.

One was a mile round trip photographer extraordinaire Brian Vance took up to Northern California on a family ski outing. Like everyone else in the office, when the going got twisty, Vance attacked the turns in the British runabout and had a blast. And he averaged about The Cooper S provided just enough room for photography gear and luggage as well as gifts for the family, but with the Mini being as mini as it is, there were issues.

There are a couple of hard-to-access cupholders below the center stack, a map pocket in the door, and a shallow U-shaped area under the handbrake.

I had troubling stashing my phone, iPod, aux cord, and spare change. The other excursion our Mini embarked upon was an epic, mile cross-country journey at the hands of our resident Mini maniac, Truck Trend Web producer Melissa Spiering.

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She took the Cooper S to "Minis on the Dragon," a pilgrimage to one of the most famous roads in the nation-a turn, mile stretch of Highway known as "The Dragon," a bend-fest that winds its way through the Great Smoky Mountains between North Carolina and Tennessee.

She had the time of her life zipping up and down the famed Dragon and mingling with the other Mini owners. On her way back, in Arizona, the Mini's service light finally came on just after the 17,mile mark, and Spiering paid a visit to North Scottsdale Mini for the Cooper S's first service.

Mini provides free maintenance for up to three years or 36, miles, so Spiering was able to keep the credit card in her wallet.

mini cooper s in mondo motors

We were also annoyed by the center armrest, the top of which tended to slide around. Takeaways from our year with the Cooper S: Think long and hard about adding the sport suspension. Combined with the run-flat tires, it makes for a teeth-chattering ride. The Mini's "quirky" interior will get on your nerves-while it's big inside for the car's size and the new model is slightly bigger overall, they don't call it a Mini for nothing.

Most important, though, our Mini delivered almost unbelievable mileage, zipped in and out of tight spaces with aplomb, was a hoot to drive aggressively, and had a wealth of premium features, all at a semi-reasonable price. And that's more than enough for us to recommend it. Suspension is softer but still a beat-you-up kind of fun factor.

I don't find myself relaxed at the end of the drive. More like after a good run, flush with endorphins. With an automatic! Are we really car guys? Then I drove it.

mini cooper s in mondo motors

The six speed auto is a gem. It just surfs the ton of torque pumped out by that turbo four, and you always seem to be in precisely the right gear. The window switches seem almost designed to get blocked behind loaded cupholders; the confusing and difficult to operate ventilation controls; the seatback reclining knobs wedged between armrest and seat; the turn stalks that offer zero tactile feel; and the armrest, which feels cheap and flimsy-all add up to an experience that's a disaster in ergonomics and logic.

Close Ad. Watch Originals. Join MotorTrend. Here's Why. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.Earlier this year, Mini unveiled the Cooper Coupebasically a Mini Cooper with two fewer seats, a separate trunk, and a chopped roof.

The Roadster also features a more steeply raked windshield and an overall roof height 0. The top is manual, a center-mounted latch on the windshield header allowing it to be jettisoned on the fly by Vitamin D addicts in need of a sudden fix. Raising the roof is made easier by a button between the rollover bars that activates pneumatic springs. These springs release the top from its stowage well and pop it into a more easily reachable position. Considering that its tin-topped twin brother offers a choice of three contrasting colors for its roof—with optional racing stripes available to match the body, no less—we half expected the Roadster to have racing stripes sewn into the fabric.

But basic black it is—all the more reason to keep it stowed. Like the Cooper Coupe, the Roadster features a surprisingly spacious trunk—and a pass-through between the seats will allow drivers to carry longer lumber without having to hang their planks through an open trunklid with an embarrassing red flag hanging off the back.

Holding 8. In most other respects, the Roadster and Coupe are pretty much identical. The Roadster will mirror the model range of the coupe—as well as everything else in the Mini family—with the hp base Cooper, the snappier hp Cooper S, and hp John Cooper Works model.

Six-speed manual transmissions are standard across the board, with a six-speed automatic optional on the Cooper and Cooper S. Mini estimates that the Roadster models will take about 0.

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The Mini Cooper Roadster goes on sale in the U. New Cars. Buyer's Guide. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. This Week: Ridgeline, e-tron's Noises, and More. Future Cars Worth Waiting For: View Photos. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.

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Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Detroit Auto Show. Sales in Certain exclusions apply. The cash off is applied against final purchase price.

Valid on final negotiated price and can be combined with certain other MINI offers that are available at the time of purchase.

Credits cannot be applied toward tax, title, registration, destination, handling, or other dealership fees. Options may be limited due to product availability at time of sale. Other rates are available.

mini cooper s in mondo motors

All offers are subject to credit approval and availability from existing retailer inventory. Retailer prices will vary and affect customer cost. No Down payment required. Taxes, title and registration fees extra. Customer liable for insurance, maintenance and repairs. Customers with excellent credit history and meeting all MINI Financial Services credit requirements who purchase a new or used MINI model may defer monthly payments for 90 days from contract signing.

Interest will accrue during day period. Not all customers will qualify. Other financing options are available. This offer is also not available to customers in Pennsylvania. Contact your authorized MINI dealer for important details. Actual MSRP may vary. Not all customers will qualify for security deposit waiver.

Tax, title, license, registration and dealer fees are additional fees due at signing. Advertised payment does not include applicable taxes. It's the same MINI icon, but with double the doors and with a ferocious turbocharged engine, double the fun. The MINI Cooper Hardtop is loaded with premium features and thanks to them, you'll want to take the long road everywhere because you won't want the fun to stop. Visit today for a test drive. The classic, the one that started it all, but for its latest edition, the MINI Hardtop 2DR has more guts, enhanced performance, premium technology, advanced safety features and a finely tailored interior.

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